Replacement of Failed Dental Implant?

I have a dental implant placed at #19 6 yrs ago. 2 yrs ago, it has periimplantitis. Another periodontist treated it by removing crown and flap and GBR. Though the X-ray shows bone level backs to 1st thread, my general dentist feels the buccal side bone is little thin. periodontist feels it's hard to grow the thickness. Now IF the implant fails in several years, how likely I could get another success dental implant if I will be careful about oral hygiene and wearing night guard.

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Replacing Failed Dental Implants

Although dental implants have a very high success rate, and in many cases will be one of the few treatments that will last you a life time,  there are times they do fail. But, as your case shows there are solutions and it appears your Periodontist has done a wonderful job of dealing with the initial Periimplantitis and Implant failure. 

IF the Implant does fail in the future you will more than likely have the same resources available to you as you have now and another Implant could be done. Of course the hope is that the current Implant stays healthy for many many years, and it sounds like you and your Dental Team are already making every effort to make this happen.  Keep up on the Hygiene and Night guard, it all helps. 

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Failed dental implant, to replace or not to replace

It seems like your periodontist has done a great job in regenerating bone.  If there is not enough buccal bone and if threads are exposed, you need to have your hygiene kept at a very high and meticulous level.  Otherwise you may develop additional peimplantitis.  If that were the case and if it is more agressive that your prior episode, your implant might have to come out.  When that time comes, your implantologist may decide to place a wider diameter implant or just graft the area and come back in the future to place the implant.  In the meantime, good luck and work with your doctor on ways to keeping your oral hygiene meticulously clean and reducing any excessive load with your oral appliance/mouthguards.  Good luck and keep us informed.

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Replacement of Failed Dental Implant?

It sounds like things are going better at this point.  If an implant fails, you can usually get a graft and replace the implant.  Try to get in every 3 months for a cleaning.  Prevention is the key to long term success!

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Failing implant?

Implant periodontal disease is caused by poor hygiene getting another implant after the old implant is removed should not be a problem. Allow the area to heal for 6-12 weeks and another implant can be placed however if you don't keep it clean and can happen again. If you can lose natural teeth you can lose an implant good luck


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Replacing a failed implant

From your description it sound like you Had some problems with your implant.  If your implant is stable, it may last you another 6 years or more.  If it does fail.  A bone graft can can be done and another implant can be placed. 

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The thin bone may disintegrate after loading (chewing).  Perhaps a bone loss of 1-2 mm afterwards may happen, but should be fully functional and should be fine.  If you ever have problems with it you may have it replaced with a shorter implant slightly lower under the gums.  Sounds like everything is going as planned.  Don't underbrush or overbrush your implant teeth.

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A New Dental Implant Is A Possibility

From what you are describing, it sounds as though the procedure performed by your periodontist was successful. That being said, should that dental implant ever fail bone grafting could be performed. Once the graft is deemed a success, a new implant could be placed.  Make sure that you see your periodontist approximately every three months for a cleaning and bacterial reduction around the implant to help minimize the risk of implant failure.  Good luck.

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Replacement of Failed Dental Implant?

Most implants have very long-term success. In fact, a dental implant CAN last your entire life-that's the only treatment in dentistry that I would say that about.

In your situation, it sounds like your implant was having problems after 6 years. It sounds like everyone involved made good decisions. 

At this point, I would worry less since it sounds like you are doing your part well. 

Dental implant techniques change every year. IF you had a serious problem still in the years ahead such that the implant had to be removed, odds are still good that a new one could be replaced with improved success!

If Implant Fails Can I get another One?

First of all sounds like the procedure done by the periodontist was very successful if the bone is solid to first thread.  Yes it is hard to grow thickness of bone and buccal bone is very commonly thin when you lose a tooth.  Most likely your implant will be just fine.  If it ever fails a graft and new implant can normally be done.

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