Can dentists feel lip fillers?

I am wondering if lips feel differently to oral surgeons/dentists, or if the lips still feel like normal lips?

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Yes, a dentist will most likely be able to feel if you have had fillers done in your lips.

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Yes, a dentist will most likely be able to feel if you have had fillers done in your lips. It’s not anything too obvious, but the lips will have a firmer texture due to the filler gel.

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Filler and Lips, Do the Lips Feel Different? YES

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with enough filler and especially with silicone or implant, the lips feel different.  But that shouldn't effect what the dentist has to do.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Yes.  If there is a significant amount of filler in the lips, then they typically have a different, slightly firmer feel, which any medical professional would be able to determine.  And any lumps, bumps or irregularities would be noticed, as well.

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Feeling lip fillers

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When fillers are injected, they will often be able to be palpated underneath the skin.  Especially immediately after treatment of the lips, filler material will be more prominent because of tissue swelling.  Generally, if injected correctly, filler should not be obvious to the eye.

Kyle Coleman, MD
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Yes, they may

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It is normal to 'feel' fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm but not to 'see' fillers. Patients who have had fillers done (including myself), will always feel a 'lump' or deposit- this is normal, as gel has been deposited. Over time you will get use to the feel. Sure, if someone see does an oral exam (like a dentist) he or she may feel the filler that is in your lips. Once again this is normal. 

Dr Davin Lim
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Lip Fillers

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If you can feel any bumps on the inside of the mouth then your dentist will too.  It should not be clinically visible, however.  Best, Dr. Green

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