Removing Sunspots with Liquid Nitrogen?

Hi I am looking for a doctor in the Pasadena area that will remove sunspots from my face with liquid nitrogen. I have Kaiser insurance and they won't do it. They only recommended Obagi skin care.

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Sun Spots with Liquid Nitrogen

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Hi Pasadena.  Liquid nitrogen is not ideal for sun spots because it can lead to scarring and will not necessarily permanently remove the sun spots.

Q-switched lasers are a better option because they can permanently remove the sun spots without the same risk of scarring as liquid nitrogen.  Because lasers are light based rather than a cold pressure (nitorgen), there is less collateral damage.  For the types of results we get for laser treatment of sun spots, check the link below.  We are also in Los Angeles.

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Removing sun spots with liquid nitrogen

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Unfortunately, nowadays, almost no insurance would cover the cost of elective removal of benign sun spots (freckles/ lentigines) with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen). If there are other sun spots that might be precancerous, these can usually be covered by insurance. There are many options to electively remove benign sun spots, from lightening creams, to chemical peels, to lasers. Seeking a consultation to discuss treatment options would be recommended.  A good way to search for a board certified dermatologist in your area is by going to the American Academy of Dermatology website home page and searching for a provider by zip code and mileage radius.

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