Is Finacea Helpful with Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

I have mild Rosacea on my cheeks. I use Finacea at night on my cheeks to keep the pimples and bumps away. It has been effective. If I use the Finacea on my forehead will it help the Sebaceous Hyperplasia? I do plan to get the sebaceous hyperplasia treated by my Dermatologist. She recommends Electrocautery but her first available appt is not until August. I was wondering if Finacea would help at all in the meantime?

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Sebaceous hyperplasia needs to be destroyed rather than creamed...

none of the topical agents currently available will help...needs to be burned or frozen or zapped...and heat, sweat and spicy foods may worsen the condition

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Will Finacea help sebaceous hyperplasia?

I agree that the most effective way to treat sebaceous hyperplasia is with electrocautery.  Finacea will likely decrease oil production wherever it is applied, but I would not expect it to cause any significant redcution in the size of your sebaceous hyperplasia.

David W. Bray, MD
Alexandria Dermatologist

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