Removing of Mole Under my Chin. It's About 1cm, What Are My Options?

I have raised mole under my chin I want to be removed. According to dermatologist that examined it it's not necessary to be removed but I don't want it there. It's about 1 cm. What is the best way for removing my mole. I'm very afraid of the possible scar but I'm considering the possibility of taking that risk.

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Mole removal scars are usually minimal.

Moles are easy to be removed under local and can be done by shaving it flat or excising it completely depending on the type of mole and how it looks. Any scar is usually better than the mole itself in most cases.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Options for mole removal on the chin

Depending on its size and location, facial moles can be easily removed by one of two methods. One is a "shave excision" where the mole is actually "shaved off" at a level just below the surface of the skin. The other is an excision with suture closure which using both dissolving and non-dissolving sutures to give the best cosmetic result.  Dermatologic surgeons, not plastic surgeons, typically do both procedures expertly and can decide which would be best for your particular mole. All methods of surgery will leave a scar but the trick is to minimize the scar using the proper technique.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Mole Removal on Chin

There are two ways to remove that mole: tangential excision (a.k.a. shave removal) and surgical excision. For many skin-colored moles tangential excision is an excellent alternative. In this procedure the lesion is removed by shaving the raised mole off and keeping the wound level with the surrounding skin. Frequently, these surgery sites heal very well. One of the main risks with this procedure is that the mole could regrow since likely not all of the cells which make up the mole are removed with tangential excision. The other option is to surgically excise and suture the area. The benefit here is that there is less chance of the mole returning; the negative aspect is that (in my opinion) the healing afterwards is not quite as good as tangential excision. Best option is to talk to your doctor. A surgically experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon should be able to give you an opinion as to the best choice. Good luck.

Andrew Kaufman, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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