Can I Remove a New Tattoo (Maori Style)? (photo)

During a trip in new zealand i get a tattoo on my arm (i was drunk...) . I have regrets and i want remove it. Do you think i can totally remove it? without scars? What is the name of the laser i need? (to compare with what others docters will say me) I just got the tattoo (1 month), is it a problem ? I'm 21 years old with white skin. I'm a non-smoker and i try to eat healthy (with lot of protein for the bodybuilding). The tattooist was a professionnal and the ink used is black : Zuper black

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PicoSure for removal

In short, yes, you can get it removed.  Your removal will begin as soon as your skin is fully healed from the original session.  I would recommend finding a PicoSure laser for the removal.  The PicoSure is the fastest laser on the market today.  Your removal will take approximately half the treatments as older technology like the Nd: YAG.

Removing a dark tattoo with R20 method

Your tattoo can be removed with a Q-switched YAG laser (Medlite or Revlite) and the fastest way to do this is with the R20 method.  The R20 method or R20 protocol is a method of completing four laser tattoo removal treatments in 20-minute intervals all performed during a single 60 minute office visit. In clinical studies, one treatment was sufficient to clear the majority of a tattoo of black ink.

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