How to Get Rid of Fleshy Moles Under Arm and on Neck?

Fleshy moles under arm and on neck. How to get rid of them?

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Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are essentially fleshy protrusions of normal skin that occur in areas with a large amount of friction such as under the arms or in the groin.  Diabetics are prone to skin tags so it is recommended to see a primary care physician to rule out this disease.  Skin tags can be removed with ease in the office either with liquid nitrogen cryotherapy ("freezing") or anesthetizing the base of each skin tag with a local anesthetic and removing them with surgical scissors.  As always, it is recommended to see a board certified dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment.

Houston Dermatologist

Skin lesions

These appear to be skin tags which can be very common.  We usually treat them with either cryotherapy or with shave excision.  

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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See your dermatologist

Those lesions appear to be acrochordons (or skin tags).  They are very common.  There are several ways to remove them including scissor excision, cryotherapy, and many more.  Your dermatologist should be able to remove these the same day that you see him/her. 

Brent Spencer, MD
Frisco Dermatologic Surgeon
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Numerous fleshy moles of arm and neck

I would seek evaluation by a dermatologist to evaluate possible methods of removal ranging from liquid nitrogen, to shave excision, to hyfrecation, electrocautery, simple excision, laser ablation, etc. Lesions may need to be evaluated by a pathologist.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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