How I Can Remove Liquid After a Liposuction/BBL?

I went to my country to have liposuction with fat transfer, I'm very skinny so I only had fat in my abdomen to transfer to my rear part, but the promblem is that I stay there for two week so I could not keep my control with the dr., I live in miami and my problem is that when the doctor did my lipo he didn't left open the incisions so now is been a month since I did it and I have accumulated a lot of liquid and I don't know how to remove it and it looks like I'm still fat and it hurts a lot...

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Brazilan Butt Lift

That is an excellent example of tourist cosmetic surgery. Who will take care of the complications when they occur.

You need to find a PLASTIC SURGEON and see if he/she will accept you as a patient.

Other option is go back to the original surgeon. This could be seroma, requiring multiple aspirations, and may be insertion of a drain. Who will be respomsible for problems and deformities if they start showing up???

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Brazilian buttock lift seroma

Liposuction has certain risks and complications that need to be addressed by an experienced surgeon. From what you describe, you have a seroma. A seroma is a fluid collection that results from the potential space that is created by the liposuction cannula. In other words, the area where the fat was removed can get filled with fluid that results in localized bulginess.

Typically, I put drains on the lower back to remove the fluid that accumulates in this area and create a nicer take off of the butt. Usually, the body will reabsorb small areas of fluid collections.  Now, if the seroma is larger then it needs to be drained.  Seromas are typically not painful. I will be concerned about you having an infected seroma.  You need to see a plastic surgeon for evaluation.

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