Can BBL Help Ease the Pain of Me Sitting on my Boney Butt and is There a Higher Possibility of Fat Absorption in Asians?

I'm 5'2 I weight 130 but I look really fat on top especially my mid section, and back, I have been contemplating on a BBL because I have no hips and my butt is so boney that it hurts when I sit since the bones stick out and actually causes indents on my skin, will BBL relief me of the sitting pain? I'm ready to do this in december when school is out, my only concern is that I am asian so is there a higher possibility of fat absorption since we don't naturally retain fat in this area.

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Brazilian butt lift and bony butt

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Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that was made for you! The Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction fat injection. What you doing with this procedure is changing storage areas for fat. You naturally store your excess calories in the abdomen, back and flank and store very little in the buttocks and legs.

The reason why liposuction and fat injection work is because fat cells don't replicate. You born with a certain number of fat cells in certain locations and that does not change throughout life. So what we're doing is changing storage locations. By taking the fat cells from the abdomen back and flank and then injecting them into the buttocks we have now made your buttocks the primary storage area. So when extra calories, and the body instead of going to the trunk to go to the buttocks.

Once the fat cells have gotten a new blood supply in the buttocks those fat cells are not going anywhere. When you gain weight easily get bigger and you lose weight easily get smaller but the number of cells will stay the same. Your figure will be changed forever.

When I do a liposuction and fat injection if I'm able to remove 3000 mL of fat about 1000 mL of that fat will be good enough to put back in the buttocks. And in my best case scenario about 65 to 70% of the fat injected buttocks will live and maintain a volume.

You are the patient that will have the most dramatic before and after photographs because you will be super curvy after the procedure. I don't think the only problem will bother you anymore. If you have time and you have the procedure let me know how it worked.

Brazilian butt lift in asians

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Injecting fat in the buttock might improve your buttock pain, but I don’t think anybody will guarantee a complete resolution. The Brazilian butt lift is an actual redistribution of fat from areas that create an unnatural body habitus with a disproportionate hip to waist ratio.  Fat will be harvested from the abdomen, flanks, back, and axilla among other places. All of this fat is then injected in the buttocks to reshape and recreate a nice behind. The extra fat will theoretically create some cushion on the bony prominence that might decrease your pain.

Ethnicity is not a major factor in determining if you will have a higher rate of absorption. What determines if you will have a great result depends on your surgeon’s technique and experience. Typically, in the best case scenario, of all the fat injected,  80% will stay forever and 20% will be absorbed. 

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