Does laser hair removal help Keratosis Polaris?

I have Keratosis Polaris all over my arm,sholders,legs and buttocks. I read that removing the hair by laser helps..does it really? And does it remove the scars from the spots - brownish spots -? Another question does laser hair removal also brighten dark areas? Like underarm and bikini areas? Thank you

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Keratosis pilaris and laser hair removal

There are so many causes for keratosis pilaris and many modalities to help treat this skin disorder.  Our medical aesthetician and certified health coach typically meets with our patients to work on this many faceted issue from a holistic wellness perspective to address the root cause, habits and skin care treatments to help with kp.  

Specifically though, laser hair removal can help if the hairs in the follicles of the area with kp are brown.  Laser hair removal only works on brown or black hair.  In addition, we have a different laser that can help lighten or 'lessen' the appearance of the scars from the spots.

Laser hair removal typically only brightens the area if the shadow (or darkness) is being caused the patch of hair.  If the skin itself has turned dark then there are other treatments and at-home products that would be safe and effective to improve the skin darkness such as Alexandrite or CO2RE laser, microneedling and/or Lytera by Skin Medica.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.

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Laser Hair Removal and KP

Laser Hair Removal is great but doesn't treat Keratosis Pilaris which is a genetic skin condition akin to eczema.  It also will not treat these marks.  Please consult an experienced dermatologist to treat these conditions.  Best, Dr. Green

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