How Long Does the Redness Last After Deep Fx?

The CO2 laser procedure I am planning on doing for is the Fractional CO2 laser (Deep Fx) Laser by Lumenis. Can you offer advice to a speedy recovery? ie. putting ice on the face after the procedure...

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Duration of redness is setting dependent

The duration of the redness depends on the settings used and passes made. I use the deep Fx alone for hypertrophic scars and fine lines from volume loss. 1-2 treatments. If the patient has photo damage (discoloration and/or wrinkles) they need active or total Fx, not Deep Fx alone.

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Duration of redness after DeepFX fractional CO2 laser

The redness can last from 3 to 7 or more days depending on what settings is used and how many passes or how aggressively the treatment is performed.  DeepFX can also be combined with ActiveFX (called TotalFX) for even better results but then the redness lasts a couple days longer.  If someone wants maximum results and doesn't care about looking red longer, then I'll turn up the settings and do more passes.  If someone wants minimal amount of healing time, then I turn down the settings.  The great thing about this procedure is the doctor can customize it to fit the patient's needs.

M. Christine Lee, MD
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CO2 Fractional lasers: Active/Deep FX, Neocutis, Avene

Using ice will help in the short term but we usually recommend using other anti-inflammatory things such as some of the spray waters like Avene which has proven anti inflammatory effects as well as using some of the Neocutis products which have growth factors which promote healing (used after the 1st 24 hours). Keeping the skin moist rather than letting it crust up has also been shown to keep the skin healing faster. For the Deep FX most patients whould be healed within 3-5 days, but this will vary based on the power used and the wound healing techniques employed.

Michael Gold, MD
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