Deep FX More Likely to Cause Scarring More Than Active FX?

I was told that Active FX was better as the risk involved is lesser. However, I feel that Deep FX would be more effective and worthwhile. Is Deep FX really more likely to cause scarring compared to Active FX? I don't understand why people undergo Deep FX is the risk is really higher.

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Deep Fx safe in expert hands.

Active Fx is an awesome resurfacing tool, the risk of scarring is extremely low. Deep Fx is the same technology but the shape and depth of the laser beam is different.  The beam is much smaller and goes deeper than the Active. The combination of both Active and Deep is called Total FX and gives the most significant improvement for scars, serious sundamage and deep wrinkles.  As for safety, these procedures are all equally safe in well trained, experienced hands. If your doctor shies away from a procedure it may be that they are not experienced or confident in that procedure.  

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Scarring Risks are Low for Active FX and Deep FX

I consider the new fractionated CO2 laser as a true innovation that can be offered to a much broader group of problems and skin types. Since healing time is about one week the down time is much less than traditional ultrapulsed laser resurfacing. I have performed laser resurfacing for 12 years for facial wrinkles and sun damage.

Active and Deep FX are actually different hand pieces for the same laser made by the same company and I often combine these two treatments for maximum effect. If appropriate settings are used the risk of scarring is extremely low and probably similar for each procedure. Most of the problems with scarring are probably created by the surgeon, not the laser when they use inappropriate laser settings that are too aggressive for the patients skin type and location.

I believe this procedure should be done under some form of anesthetic for patient comfort.

Find a board certified surgeon with a good reputation and laser experience and you should be able to obtain a safe procedure even if both Active FX and Deep FX are combined.

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