Red Scar 6 Months After Surgery?

It's been 6 months since my surgery I had a hernia repair along with a abdominoplasty and my scar is still very red and now itchy.. I don't scratch it us e only natural organic products to bath that have no sulfur. I use constantly... Extra virgin Coconut oil.. Argan oil .. Coco butter and now Vitamin E is there anything else I can use to lighting the scar.

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Scar therapy

Ask your surgeon what they recommend to help with scars. There are a variety of products available, including silicone cream that you can apply directly on your scars. It takes about a year for scars to fully mature.

You should make sure to keep your scars out of the sun.

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Redness and Itchiness After Tummy Tuck

If your steristrips have fallen off and you incision isn't crusty anymore, you can try using silicone gel and silicone sheeting, both of which help scarring to become less visible. The itchiness may be related to the healing process, however it could be a sign of irritation by the products you're using. Stop using the products you're currently using to see if the redness and itchiness subsides. Best of luck.

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Red Scar 6 Months After Surgery

It takes about a year for a scar to mature. A photo would help direct any advice at this time. There are numerous scar creams that seem to help (very few have been studied), and Mederma is the one that is most readily available. 

Best option would be a visit to your surgeon for advice  All the best. 

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Red scar after tummy tuck

Most patients will continue to see improvement in scars for up to a year after surgery. Itching from the scar can be improved with treatments like silicone scar creams or silicone sheets that go over the incision. These need to be used 24 hours a day for 3 months to really start to see the benefit. Other treatments like steroid injections (used if scars are raised, thick, and itchy) or laser (used to help improve the red color) can be performed by your physician if you are a good candidate. Good Luck.

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How can I improve my scar after abdominoplasty?

It sounds like you are doing all of the right things.  The best thing for scarring is time.  Six months is a long time but there is still time for things to improve.  Everybody's scar matures at a different rate and some will be starting to fade nicely by now, while others, like yours, may still be very red and active.

Massage does help and the oils and creams you are using are often recommended.  It might be worth seeing your surgeon to see if you have signs of a hypertrophic or keloid scar, which are red, lumpy and itchy scars.  These scars can often benefit from other treatments like silicone gel or steroid injections.

Red scar at 6 months post op

Even at 6 months you are still in the early healing phase. If your scar is itching it is usually a sign that you are still in the proliferative phase of wound healing. Benadryl at night can help with the itching and yo may want to try a silicone product over the scar to aid in healing.    Good luck  DR.Z

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