Will the regular use of bentonite clay masks destroy the injections of sculptra on my face?

I've tried EVERYTHING in regards to my acne, I've tried every brand, I've tried antibiotics, and I've honestly spent thousands of dollars with dermatologists, the only thing that has helped with my skin is a bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar mask. I noticed it seemed to destroy the last injections I got of radiesse pretty quickly (in comparison to how long injections last without the masks). I'm a little scared to spend the money, if it's possible it might happen with sculptra, as well.

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Clay masks and Sculptra

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Anything of this type that you apply to your skin has no ability to penetrate to where the Sculptra is stimulating your fibroblasts to make more connective tissue proteins, and will have absolutely NO effect on your Sculptra!

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Clay mask and Sculptra

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There would be no reason for this type of clay mask decreasing the effectiveness of your Sculptra injections.  There have been no clinical reports of decreased efficacy.

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