Is There a Generic Gel for Use with at Home Laser Treament and Do You Chill It First?

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Home laser units

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No, there isn't a generic gel to use and should you chose to use an at home system, follow exactly what the directions say. For the record, these systems are not good though, and I treat patients with severe burns from using these types of devices incorrectly, or overusing them. Do not in any way alter what they tell you to do. And better yet, return the darn thing and seek proper care from a professional! A home care unit has a maximum output of 7 joules. A medical device at an office by properly trained technicians has an output 100x that. They're not comparable!

Home Laser Treatment

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Thank you for your question. I would check with the at-home laser treatment insert and see their recommendation.  Usually the gel that's used is an ultrasound gel and no chilling required. I hope this helps!

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