What are CC's?

I don't understand what CC's mean -- what cup size?

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Cubic centimetres

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CC stands for cubic centimetres, which is the standard of measurement for the amount of silicone or saline inside a breast implant. This measures volume. It isn’t related to cup size at all, but rather the implant filling.

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A cc is a cubic centimeter or a ml (milliliter).  As a visual you will understand: one ounce is about 30 cc's.
This is the same volume as a shot glass or 2 tablespoons. 

CC stands for cubic centimeter

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Breast implants sizes are based on the amount of filling in them (whether saline or silicone). This filling is measured by cubic centimetres, or CC's for short. 1 CC is pretty much the same as 1 millilitre. 


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CC could refer to a unit of measure that is equivalent to mL.  It could else be a short form for capsular contracture.  What was the context?  

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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Volume measurement

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Implants do not come in "cup sizes".  CC's stands for cubic centimeter.  It's a volume measurement and it's the same as ml's.  Not only do implants come in varying volumes (or cc's) they also come in different widths.  Based on your personal measurements and surgical goals, you can determine with your plastic surgeon what size implant would be best for you.

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
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Unit of measure

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A 'cc' is a unit of measure standing for cubic centimeter or a milliliter.  Breast implants come in cubic centimeter volumes.  An approximate rule of thumb is 150-200cc will boost one's size by a cup size.  This is a very loose approximation as this might be entirely true for patients of very tiny or very full stature.  The number of cc's to create a particular cup size for you can be estimated by placing various sizers in your bra at your doctor's office.  The Vectra imaging device (where available) can also be quite helpful in allowing you to visualize your finished appearance.

Janet Turkle, MD
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What is a CC

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Breast implants are measured not by cup size, but by volume.  CCs are the units used to measure the volume of breast implants.  5 ccs is the same volume as one teaspoon; 15 ccs is a tablespoon, an ounce is about 28 ccs.  And a measuring cup (8 ounces) of fluid is about 238 ccs.

During your consultation for breast augmentation, try on different sizers (for example 250 ccs or 350 ccs) in order to get a feel for how many ccs are needed to get you the result you desire.

Good luck!

James N. Romanelli, MD, FACS
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Thank you for your question. CC in Medicine stands for Cubic centimeter. It is the same as ml or milliliter.
It is the way to measure volume. I hope this helps.


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A cubic centimeter (cc) is a metric measure of volume. There are just under 29 cc in a fluid ounce (English measure), so for example, an eight ounce glass of milk has 236 cc. 

There are no fixed definitions of cup size, so trying to equate it to cc's is not at all useful. In these Realself pages I read surgeons suggesting that a cup size increase can require from 100 to 250 cc of implant size. None of this is really completely predictable.  

Better than quoting cup size as a goal is to try on implants and your surgeon can use that info to choose an appropriate size to insert. 

All the best. . 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

What are cc's?

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I think you are referring to cubic centimeters which are the measuring units for implants. We measure breast tissue in gram weight,  I can well imagine how confusing this is for the patient even before we get to issues like implant profile, saline v silicone, etc!

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