Quick Recovery After Liposuction with HGH?

I am getting a small area liposuctioned but i need to be back in the gym as soon as possible to prepare for the upcoming competition. My question is that if inject my self with Human growth hormone after the surgery, will it speed up the recovery process?

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HGH and Liposuction Recovery

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HGH, or any other endocrinologic inducement, has no proven benefit on expediting liposuction recovery. Do not confuse the injury and recovery process of muscle breakdown with traumatized subcutaneous fat tissues. With a small area of liposuction, there is no going to be any prolonged delay before being able to return to some level of exercise.


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you should be able to get back into the gym after liposuction within 3 days. the recovery from the procedure for small volumes is not long or complicated

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

HGH to accelerate healing after liposuction is unnecessary and irresponsible.

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Liposuction for the most part is a simple and safe operation with quick recovery. There's no reason to try to tamper by using your body is a pharmacy.

Human Growth Hormone After Surgery to Speed Up Recovery?

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Not a good idea;  best to avoid unproven  modalities to “speed up” the natural recovery process.

 Best wishes.

Quick Recovery After Liposuction with HGH

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This will not speed up your recovery. Depending upon the nature of the competition, it may make you ineligible if they do any drug testing. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

HGH to speed up recovery

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I will be more vehement than my fellow surgeons in telling you to not do anything crazy! HGH will not speed up or in any way affect your recovery and may have adverse effects upon the rest of your body including abnormal skeletal growth (increase in jaw and forehead and digit size). Be smart with your body; it is the only one you have.


Daniel Medalie, MD

Recovery After Liposuction with HGH?

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Thanks for the question. The short answer is no it will do not recovery time after Liposuction. Wish you good luck.

HGH & Liposuction Recovery

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There is no way to speed up recovery after liposuction. It takes time for normal healing to occur. Skip the hGH.

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