Liposuction 10 Weeks PO, Hardness In Abdomen Normal?

It's Been 10 Weeks Since I Had Liposuction of my Abdomen and I Still Have Some Hardness and Lumpines is It Normal at 10 Weeks

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Lumpiness after liposuction is normal for the first 3 months

Firmness is expected after liposuction of the abdomen.  This is called an induration.  Basically the fat cells that were left behind have swollen. It takes time for this to resolve, usually 3 months.  Continue to follow the advise of your plastic surgeon. 

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10 weeks after liposuction

At ten weeks after liposuction, it is not uncommon to have some hardness/firmness after liposuction.  Best to give it more time.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Healing after Liposuction Surgery?

What you are describing may very well be “normal”;  at this point, time and patience are your best friends.  Of course, your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource when it comes to  evaluating the “normalcy” of the healing process and ruling out complications. The quality of the procedure performed will best be determined approximately 2 months postoperatively.

 Best wishes.

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