Tender Sensitive Teeth from Invisalign Retainers?

Hi, I've researched the questions on realself.com but couldn't find an answer. I completed my treatment 4 months ago and wear my retainers faithfully every night. However over the last few weeks I've noticed my teeth have become tender. Question: if I wear the retainers longer than usual (9 hours vs. 6 hours), will that cause tender, sensitive teeth? Are the retainers adjusting my teeth back from possible movement during the day? Thanks in advance for any response!

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Tooth sensitivity after orthodontic treatment?

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Orthodontic research has shown that orthodontically treated teeth will need 7 months for the periodontal ligament fibers and bone to fully remodel. Thus, in our practice, we ask our patients to wear their retainers one year full time (we over do it...), then to bed lifetime.

Thus, I think your reasoning is correct, your teeth may be moving slightly during the day, and then you are moving them back into position when you wear your retainers.

Saint Louis Orthodontist

Sensitive teeth after Invisalign?

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Dear patient,
There is no way the retainers can make your teeth sensitive, unless you developed gum recession during the treatment or you had gum recession to begin with.
Hope this answered your question.
Dr. Barba

Antoaneta Barba, DDS
Santa Ana Dentist

After invisalign, teeth will move if not wearing retainers

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I think you may be on the right track, that your teeth move during the day when not wearing retainers.  It is curious that it has started 4 months after completion, though, so you should certainly consult your dentist to rule out other issues.  There may be a bite interference that needs to be adjusted.

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