Hi, I have a question about a mole on my heel. Is it problematic? (Photo)

Over the last two years I noticed a mole on my heel and didn't think much of it, as I heard moles after pregnancy are normal. Recently I have noticed it's slightly bigger and isn't symmetrical anymore, and it feels raised. It has itched before, but currently does not. Can you help?

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Mole on heel, getting larger and itchy and irregular

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Please, C. Hardi, see a dermatologist to have this examined as soon as possible.  It is impossible to tell what it is without personally examining you and looking at it with a dermatoscope, but this could be a melanoma.  If it is, you will not have a problem if you have it removed when it is still in an early stage of growth.

Please let me know the outcome by updating this question.

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Changing Mole on heel - see a surgeon!

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Please see a dermatologist, surgeon or plastic surgeon  as soon as you can make an appointement. Your photo looks suspicious and it is important to have it tested with a biopsy to make sure it is not a melanoma, and if it is to get proper treatement at an early stage.

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