Braces After Root Canal and Crowns?

i had my root canal done on front teeth and it was fixed with a crown and since the tooth was not that strong the crown has to be supported with a some metalic supporter "as in implants" now i wanted to know if i can put braces on them? will the tooth move?

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Braces can be put on crowns with root canals

Braces can be put on teeth with root canals and crowns, but they should be monitored during treatment and sometimes even moved a little slower.  I would recommend seeing an orthodontist who can fully analzye your teeth and bite as it is also important to consider the type and amount of movement the crown and root canal treated tooth need. 

In addition, it is important to understand why you had the root canal and crown on your front tooth initially. If there is a history of trauma to that tooth, then it is even more important to move it slower and monitor its status during orthodontic treatment.

New York Orthodontist
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You should be fine

Teeth that have had root canals usually can be moved just fine with orthodontic treatment.  The reason why is that even thought the tooth is essential dead on the inside, the cells necessary to help move the tooth through bone are alive and viable on the outside of the tooth.  It is wise though to wait a few months to be sure the tooth is OK before proceeding.  Also it is important that your dentist continue to evaluate the tooth as you go through orthodontic treatment in case it happens to "flare up".  This is quite rare though.

Doug Depew, DMD
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Schwarzenegger: "No Problemo!"

When orthodontists are moving teeth, we are really moving the roots and bone in the jaws. A repaired flat tire still work like a brand new tire but not as strong, of course! Same with teeth with crowns and root canals. So, YES, you can get your teeth (root canal, crowned, filled, etc) straight with braces or Invisalign!

Stephen Yao, BDS, DDS, MSD (retired)
San Jose Orthodontist
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Most of the time teeth can be moved after a root canal

Most of the time it should be fine to get braces after a root canal.  Orthodontic forces are gentle and should not pose a problem. 

It sounds as if a post was placed inside the tooth after the root canal, so the tooth IS weaker than before, so there IS a risk of fracture or loss, but I would not let that prevent you from trying.

It is possible that the crown would need to be redone after the braces are off, so that might allow some freedom to fix any minor issues that might arise when complete.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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