I have scars of chicken pox on my face. How much will artifill surgery cost?

There are total 15 scars. All are blackish as well as deep. I am a girl still unmarried. I have been rejected by so many boys because of this kind of face. .

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Bellafill for Chicken Pox Scars

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Bellafill is an excellent solution for chicken pox scars as long as they are soft.  What that means is they flatten out when the skin is the area is stretched out.  Make sure you see a Board Certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist to address your concerns to get the best chance of getting the result you would like.

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Kirkland Plastic Surgeon
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Acne Scarring / Bellafill

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Bellafill works by lifting acne scars to blend into smoother skin.  Since Chicken pox scars can be somewhat similar I would contact a board certified dermatologist to see if Bellafill would be the right choice for you.

Bellafill is the only filler that is FDA approved for scarring and 90% of treated patients are satisfied with there long term results.

Tina Venetos, MD
Lake Forest Dermatologist
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