Would Propecia Affect IPL Hair Removal?

I am currently in my 7th session of IPL hair removal on chest and stomach, but the hair on my head is thinning. I am starting Rogaine and have heard about Propecia being beneficial. Would Propecia affect the IPL sessions?

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Hair removal on your chest will not have an impact the use of Propecia for your scalp.

Hair removal on your chest will not have an impact the use of Propecia for your scalp.  They are two separate areas.

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The Propecia will not affect your IPL treatment at all.

Thanks for your question.

Propecia is a medication that inhibits an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. DHT is the modified hormone that causes hair loss on the head that leads to male-patterned baldness. Only certain areas of hair on the scalp are sensitive to DHT, mainly the vertex and frontal areas of the scalp. The sides have hairs that are not DHT sensitive and thus don't fall out. Likewise, the hairs on your body are not DHT sensitive and won't fall out over time. Propecia helps to keep only the DHT sensitive hairs on the vertex and frontal areas of the scalp and has no effect on the hairs anywhere else on the body.

That being said, IPL targets all hair and it does not matter where on the body it is. Using IPL will destroy the hair bulb via creating heat, thus leading to a loss of the hair bulb and its ability to produce hair.

Now knowing both of these methods of action, you now know why Propecia will not have any effect on IPL treatment and can feel confident that your IPL treatments, if administered correctly, should work well.

Good luck!

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