Prominent Eyes- Will Under Eye Filler Solve Problem? (photo)

I have prominent, almost bug eyes. On top of that, my lower eye area is dark and unless it's very bright out, the shadow makes me look like a zombie. If stretch the skin, it's not dark so it isn't the skin itself. Could I get injectables to help?

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Dark circles under eyes and fillers


  Dark circles under the eyes are a common complaint amongst patients.  Dark circles can form early in life and make you look tired even after a good nights sleep. 

  You have very prominent ‘eye balls’ which are contributing to the dark hue under your eyelids.  As the eyelids project outward from the face, along with the prominence of your nasal-facial skin, these areas reflect light.  This casts a shadow in the area between your eyelids and nasal facial skin, making it appear darker then the surrounding skin.    

  I think injectable fillers such as Restylane would be a good treatment option.  Adding volume to the concave area will make it less shadowed.  Your tear troughs extend further down the cheek then on average, so it may take a little more filler for achieve the desired correction.

Hope this helps.


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Bulging eyes

Fillers are good to treat depressions along the tear trough.  Bulging eyes can be related to anatomy, as well as medical conditions like thyroid disease.  This can be due to crowding of the bony vault.  Fillers would not help that specific condition.

Steven Wallach, MD
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