What Would Be Best for a Young Patient with a Gaunt Face and Tear Trough Deformity? (photo)

I'm in my mid twenties and have bags under my eyes that won't seem to go away with creams and sleep - realized i have what is called a tear trough deformity. My cheeks are very sunken and flat. My skin is very clear (thank goodness!) and smooth but it only causes the gauntness in my face to stand out more. My question is what type of filler would be best (and is most affordable) and where should it be applied? or would an implant best suit? thank you for your answers.

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Gaunt face and fillers

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Fillers  are a great substance to use to treate deflated tissues of the face. I have used in the cheeks, in lowr malar regions, the jawline, the ansolabial folds, marionette lines,  the eyebrows, the temples,etc..

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Best filler for a gaunt face and tear trough

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Although many fillers could be used, in your particular situations I believe poly l lactic acid (Sculptra) would be my choice as it is an excellent filler for large area facial contouring.  Because it makes you make your own collagen it also is long lasting (2 years).  You should seek someone experienced in its use.

Stephen Mandy, MD
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