Are Procera Veneers Better Than Traditional Empress Veneers?

Are the relatively new Procera Veneers from Nobel Biocare any better than for example the Empress Esthetic veneers? I understand that in the end it is the skill and aesthetic of the dentist who makes the difference but if I have the choice between Procera and Empress what is the better deal? Thanks and regard.

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Quality of veneer material often opinion and not fact

The question is what is "better"?  Are we talking about strength?  Aesthetics?  Feel?

There will be MANY opinions on this.

Veneers depend on the ability to bond, and many stronger materials today cannot bond to dentin or enamel and must be cemented.  Cemented veneers do not "stick" to teeth as well as bonded, and Empress® bonds VERY well.

The determination of quality is equally factored by the lab technician, not just the dentist that is creating the preparations.  A skilled technician can cut back the Empress to add shades of porcelain to make a true work of art with extreme strength.  My opinion is that the Procera is not quite there aesthetically.  Yet.

For me, in my office, I would choose Empress or other Ivoclar products, like eMax.  Strength and beauty and the ability to bond.

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Procera vs. Empress porcelain for veneers

Procera™ porcelain is a very strong porcelain and can be employed to make very attractive crowns.  This porcelain type does not bond well to teeth and requires a heavier preparation to achieve long term retentiveness.  It is not a commonly used porcelain choice for veneers.

Empress™ porcelain is an incredibly attractive porcelain used for veneers.  It not only bonds extremely well to enamel and dentin, it has optical properties that are very attractive.  This porcelain is very translucent and appears lifelike. The positive characteristic of translucency does exclude its use when the clinical agenda is to cover dark teeth.  The darkness will very often show through.  Empress as a veneer material choice still has a significant market share and was once the "go-to" choice for veneers but today E Max porcelain is more popular due to it's equally impressive optical characteristics and a superior strength.

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Dentistry in India and Procera Veneers vs. Empress Veneers

I do not think one veneer is better here than the other. You are also correct regarding how important the skill of the dentist plays into how your veneer will look. Also you must remember the dental lab the dentist uses and the skill of the technician needs to be considered as well. You signed your question, 'in India,' so i assume you are looking for dental work there rather than the US.

India is a leading country at the moment, in dental tourism. The standard of care is very high and technology, care and cosmetic dentistry is very competive with the US. Below are some useful dental websites in India you might want to explore and will help you in your decision: and

Hope this helps. Also explore the Apollo Hospitals in Chennai and New Delhi. They are state of the art and do dentistry as well as general medical procedures. Prices are much cheaper in India. Just do your research on the computer and email the dentists. Good luck!

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Both are good veneer products

Not sure what you have there in india but the dentist will help you decide and give you the options. American dentists can't really help you with an indian dentist doing the work and using local labs. Get consults from a couple good cosmetic dentists and listen to their advice.

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