What Can Be Done to Prevent a Lisp from Invisalign?

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Lisping when using invisalign

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In my office as an Invisalign Premier Provider most people who undergo treatment lisping is common in the beginning of treatment but soon after the lisping is resolved.  If this continues for a longer period of time I would consult you dentist to determine your options.


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Lisp When Wearing Invisalign

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Some patients will find that wearing aligners makes it a challenge to speak clearly.  It typically has to do with he thickness of the appiance in the region of the hard palate, right behind the upper front teeth.  Invisalign aligners are made out of very thin plastic and very  few people find it causes a lisp.  Some patients do find some difficulty or awkwardness when talking with their first set of aligners.  They speak with a minor lisp or slur with "s" and the  "th" sounds.  Most patients just need to exert a little extra effort in enunciating their words.  The lisp should not be significant or long lasting.

Robert Fields, DDS
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Lisp from invisalign?

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Normally, lisps do not result from well fitting invisalign.  If one does start at placement, the body normally adjusts within a very short time and it disapears.  Special adaptaions of Invisalign may make a difference though.  If the lisp doesn"t disappear, then a discussion with your dentist is indicated, but this would be rare.  Godd Luck!

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