What are the usual pre op labs that the doctor orders? Are any additional labs/tests ordered for patients over 50?

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Pre operative work up for an abdomionplasty

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Pre-operative assessment is necessary for every patient undergoing a surgical procedure.  It is up to your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist to determine what studies are necessary.  In general for a patient in good health over the age of 50 a blood count and an EKG are usually required.  If you are on a blood pressure medication with a diuretic then a blood chemistry would also be necessary.  

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Usual preoperative labs for TT are unusual

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Cost constraints and medical necessity has in our area made 'usual' testing unusual. We ask only for lab testing specific to individual circumstances. Patients over fifty are asked for an EKG within six months, and those who have a medical condition managed by a physician such as high blood pressure, asked for medical clearance from their personal physician. Routine testing adds cost and is unnecessary for most.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Are there special pre op tests for people over 50 years old?? Ask Dr Elllen

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Dear Desire25,

That is a great question and you are correct, the over 50 population falls into a different risk category, so the safest surgery will be one that takes that matter under consideration.

Here's why...many people who are 50 and older may have underlying heart, lung or other undiagnosed medial problems and not even know it!  It is really easy to get to 50 and feel excellent but be unaware that you may have an irregular heart beat or the beginnings of diabetes- all of these things increase problems with wound healing and length of the surgery and associated anesthesia may trigger an underlying ailment.

For these reasons, I feel it is so important to screen candidates for surgery so that I am confident in keeping you safe and, providing to you an excellent result. 

Thanks for asking!  Dr Ellen

Ellen A. Mahony, MD
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Pre op labs for tummy tuck

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Tummy tuck is a very safe procedure when performed by qualified plastic surgeon and monitored by a good anesthesiologist.  It has very low risks and complication rates.  Normally for elective surgery (including tummy tuck), my patients get blood count, urine analysis, and pregnancy test.  If a patient takes a high blood pressure medications, she/he will  need chemistry (electrolytes) checked.  Preop lab/tests depend on each patient's medical history.  As long as you are healthy, blood count, urine analysis, and pregnancy test should be sufficient.

What are the usual pre op labs that the doctor orders?

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For a healthy young person, the only routine lab ordered may be a pregnancy test for females. Other tests might be ordered based on a patients medical history, and medications being taken. Men over 45 might be asked to get an EKG, women over 50 the same. Older patients getting a TT may also have a blood count checked. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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