Small Pieces of Plastic Coming out of Tummy Tuck Incision?

This is the second small piece of V-shaped plastic to come out of my incision. I'm almost 2 months post op from a tummy tuck. The first one came out 2 weeks ago, this one came out today. What the heck are they?! Should I be worried? Are there more?

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Small Pieces of Plastic Coming out of Tummy Tuck Incision?

Thank you for the question and photo. The small "plastic" is a disolvable dermal staple that some surgeons use,including myself, to close the abdominoplasty incision. It speeds up the closure, but what is more important, helps give you a better scar in the long run. Occassionally, when they are placed a bit superficially or the skin is thin, these can poke through. No reason to be alarmed. If you have any more do the same, your surgeon can pull these out. Talk to your surgeon, these are the questions you need to ask him/her. Good luck.

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"Plastic" coming out of incision- no need to worry


It is very common to have suture material or "stitches" poke through the incision. The tummy tuck incision is closed in layers using a variety of different suture material. The layer of sutures placed closest to the skin can tend to poke through the incision before your body has time to dissolve them. There is no need to panic. Have your surgeon simply trim away the suture material in the office. Avoid pulling on the exposed stitch, as tempting as it may be. Be aware that this may happen more than once in more than one area.

R. Michael Koch, MD
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Dissolvable staples...

That is what your photo shows and for confirmation, talk to your surgeon as your surgeon should be able to reassure you of this.

Curtis Wong, MD
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It is most likely dissolvable staples.

Thanks for posting the photo.  The V-shaped plastic looks like an Insorb, which some surgeons use to close the incision.  It is place underneath the skin.  It will dissolve over time; however, it can come out of the skin occasionally.  Most likely, you have more than two staples placed during the surgery.  You should talk to your plastic surgeon; however, you shouldn't worry too much about it. 

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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