Posterior Open Bite- Already Began Invisalign Treatment, Should I Be Concerned?

My back teeth on 1 side don't touch. Before starting Inv, my dentist (not ortho) noticed the Clincheck showed an open bite on both sides at the end; so he revised and the plan went from 8 mo's to 12-18; now it shows the back teeth touching as desired (looks like my arch will be widened/teeth tipping). I got attachments on almost all back teeth. Research shows closing a posterior bite may not predictable. Should I be 2nd guessing this or should the result be as the Clincheck shows?

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Predictability of Invisalign Clincheck

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The results show on Clincheck represent the best possible scenario when it comes to your treatment outcome. There are two people responsible for making sure that outcome is attained... you and your orthodontist. It is your orthodontist's responsibility to make sure that he's not asking the "plastic" to achieve more than is realistic. It is also important for him to have enough training and experience to recognize when an Invisalign technician (basically a computer nerd in Juarez, Mexico) has simulated a tooth movement that is biologially difficult or impossible. Once his treatment plan is sensible, realistic, and approved, the aligners are manufactured and the ball is in your court. Your compliance (full-time wear except when eating or brushing) is the part of treatment only you can control. You have to be 100% honest with your orthodontist and yourself. You must wear your aligners to achieve what is programmed into your Clincheck. If you get to a stage of treatment where the aligners just aren't producing what you and your orthodontist asked for (and you've done your part), your doctor can submit a mid-course correction to get you back on track. Good luck!

Albuquerque Orthodontist

Invisalign and open bites.

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Invisalign cases sometimes deviate from the initial clincheck. If this happens treatment can be reset with a midcourse correction. As for invisalign not being able to close as open bite....that's a myth. With using aligners and some other auxiliaries invisalign can preform the same movements as conventional braces, the case just needs to be planned properly. It sounds like you are in good hands, wear your trays religiously, your doc will get you to the final destination.

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Invisalign is a process

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It is hard to judge treatment while still in process and often things get worse before they get better.  Invisalign has its own set of challenges, including closing a posterior open bite.  Your case likely will require what is called mid course correction, or if done at the end, case refinement.

It might all work out in the end.

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