Post Op-What Size Am I Now and What Will I Be in Few Months Time?

2,5 weeks ago I had a breast augmentation, I was 75B, 165cm tall, weight 50 kg, t-shirt size XS/S. I wanted to go to Full D or DD. But my surgeon advised he couldnt place anything more then 255cc so I got 255cc and now wondering what size will I be as a result? Will I get at least to D? How does it look like at that moment? Also how come can I still fit almost all my old 75B bras?Yes they look fuller in them now but still! Was it really impossible to go with300cc? Photos below Thank you

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Question about ultimate cup size

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You are still very early yet in the healing process with a significant amount of swelling still present. It can take several months for much of the swelling to subside. At that point, you may have a better idea as to what cup size may be reasonable for you. However, because there is no real standard and because there is considerable variability among different bra manufacturers, you may actually fit into 2 different cup sizes depending on the brands that you are considering.

Clearly from the photos, you are not going to end up being a "B".

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Final Bra Size

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255cc doesn't equal a particular cup size unfortunately. If it did, my life along with other surgeons lives would be made a lot easier. I reframe from choosing my patients size as each and every patient has a different view of what they think is beautiful.  I will say 255cc would be rather small for my practice.  The best advice I can give you is to wait until the swelling subsides and then evaluate at that time. 

Breast Size after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

Only you will know what cup size you will fit into when you go bra shopping in one to two months.  As you know, bra cup sizes differ depending on who makes the bra;  therefore, don't be surprised if you fit into different cup sizes at  different stores.

I would suggest now that the surgery has been completed that you don't base your happiness/satisfaction with the procedure on a specific cup size or  specific breast implant size but rather on the improvements you have achieved in terms of fullness of the breasts,  how you feel and and out of clothes and  how you feel about the proportionality  of the breasts with the remainder of your body. 

Best wishes. 

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Cup size and volume

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Cup size does not always match the volume of the implants placed.  The best thing for you to do is try on bras in a few weeks once the majority of the swelling dissipates.

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