Would a Butt Augmentation Help Hide Curved, Protruding Sacrum? (photo)

My sacrum is curved more than usual and sticks out somewhat. There is no excess growth and a surgeon already said I should not have it shaved down. I have tried doing exercises to lift and shape my butt to hide it, but I can't seem to lift it at all. Would implants, a buttlift, or grafting help?

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Protruding sacrum

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One option to camouflage this would be to have fat grafting around the perimeter of your sacrum. I agree that boney reduction would be painful and problematic.

I hope this helps.

Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Prominent sacrum

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I suspect you could rasp the bone down a bit the way we rasp or file down a bone hump on the bridge of the nose if most of the protrusion is bone. However this area is much more adherent to the bone with much larger blood vessels than the corresponding area on the bridge of the nose. If it is fat you could liposuction it to remove it. If it is bone do not expect complete removal or correction with rasping. Augmenting the buttocks will not do much because most of the protrusion is above the level where we inject fat for buttock augmentation.

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Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Prominent Sacrum

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I would recommend liposuctioning whatever fat there may be overlying your sacrum as well as performing the Brazilian Butt Lift to enlarge the buttocks area on either side of your sacrum.  You don't appear to have a whole lot of fat to work with, so every little bit will help.

Brazilian butt lift and prominent sacrum

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I think fat injection could improve your problem. you would need to build up the buttocks and the area on either side of the sacrum. I think that the more fat you have the better you can hide the prominent sacrum. So you would need to harvest as much as possible with the liposuction.

Fat injection is definitely a safer option than filing bone and I would recommend doing this 1st before thinking of doing anything else.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Fat grafting would give the best possible result

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You have two options.You can reduce the bone or increase the surrounding area to cover the bone protrusion. Fat grafting is less  traumatic and will give you better buttock shape.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Buttocks augmentation with fat transfer can improve shape of sacrum

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Although the protruding sacrum may not be completely corrected via fat transfer in the buttocks area the general appearance and proportions of the buttocks will be improved dramatically.

Fat transfer to the buttocks is also known as Brazilian Butt Lift and it is a very successful procedure with high degree of satisfaction if performed by an experienced surgeon.

Appropriate (a bit larger than usual) volume of fat transfer is necessary for a successful correction in a case of protruding sacrum.

Mario Diana, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon

An exam would be necessary to tell if Brazilian Butt Lift would help you

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Hi there-

I would need to examine you to be able to make recommendations for management of this problem.

Your best solution will probably involve a combination of reduction of this area, with augmentation of the buttocks.

Visit a good surgeon whose work you admire and who is Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery for a consultation.

Can buttocks augmentation help to hide a protruding sacrum?

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I think a combination of liposuction over the sacral area and fat grafting to the buttocks could improve the appearance.

Protruding sacrum

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i would rather consider reducing the fullness.    is this fat. or bone..  both can be reduced with surgery

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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