Has Anyone Ever Used Surgeryloans.com for a Cosmetic Surgery and Would You Suggest It?

I am about to get a breast augmentation and I was denied by carecredit because of a somewhat low credit score. Has anyone ever dealt with surgeryloans.com and would they recommend it?

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Has Anyone Ever Used Surgeryloans.com for a Cosmetic Surgery and Would You Suggest It?

Thank you for the question.

In our practice, we use Care Credit as well as other companies; they have been used by our patients with no problems.  They do have different rates so please make sure you get all of the information you need prior to signing up with any financing company.

Generally speaking, it is always in patients' best interests to achieve a certain degree of financial stability prior to undergoing elective surgery of any type. Patients should also keep in mind that additional surgery may be necessary in the short or long term, following the primary procedure that is being performed;  this additional surgery may be associated  out-of-pocket expenses. Again, best to achieve a physical, emotional, psychosocial, and financial “stable state” prior to considering elective plastic surgery. Best wishes.

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Payment plan for cosmetic surgery

Chase Financial is another option.  Also, bear in mind that if finances are difficult, it is important to discuss with your plastic surgeon how possible complications are handled. Does your surgeons office participate in CosmetAssure-insurance for cosmetic surgery complications? I would hate for you to extend yourself to have surgery and get in a bind if you have complications. Just saying.

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There are a number of financing companies that you can check on line.  Chase financial and Care credit are two others.  CHeck with your surgeon.

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Financing options

You might also consider the Chase healthcare financing options or a standard credit card.  Best of luck, Christopher Davidson, M.D.

Finance Options

There are a number of companies who do third party financing for cosmetic procedures.  SurgeryLoans.com was merged with another company, and we do not use them as often as CareCredit, CosmetiCredit or ChaseHealthAdvance, whom our patients report have been reliable and easy to work with.

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