Post Op Affect of Tummy Tuck on Arms and Lifting?

I was told to bring a button down blouse to the hospital, as it would be easier to put on. Does this mean that I would not be able to lift a garment over my head, as in pull over blouses, T shirts, and pajama tops? If so, why? I plan on living in pajamas for 2 weeks, but all of them have pull over tops. Do I need to get different PJ sets, with button down tops?

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Affect of tummy tuck on lifting

Great question.  When you raise your arms after a tummy tuck, it will be more uncomfortable than slipping into a button down garment.  So, plan on purchasing a few new pair of PJs for the initial postop period.  After the first few days, I don't think it will be as much of an issue.  Best of luck!

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Post op clothing

A button down shirt will probably be easier to put on after your surgery because you still may be groggy and you will be sore from surgery.  You should be able to lift your arms over your head to put on clothing, but for the first few days it may be easier for you to wear a garment that doesn't require you to do so. Good luck

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
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Postop recovery after tummy tuck

It is important to be prepared for your recovery after surgery.  Wearing only button down tops is definitely good advice for after a tummy tuck.  You will likely be very sore after the abdominal muscle repair and it is possible you might even be in a slightly bent over position depending on the amount of skin removal.  In that position or with significant abdominal soreness, it will be very difficult to take a top off over your head.  You will feel significant stretching and pulling trying to raise your arms.  Get some button tops and good luck with your surgery!

Naveen Setty, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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