3d Simulator for TT?

I have read that doctors are using 3d simulators for breast augmentation but is there such a thing for tummy tucks. Is there something that allows a person to see their before and after results before surgery is performed. I would like to see/know what kind of results I will have if I decide to get a TT without muscle repair done.

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Yes there are but it is not a popular thing to do.  Better then the 3D is to look at the before/after photos (make sure that when you are looking at before after photos they show you 6 views from under the breast to above the knee area from frontal, quarter turn, profile, back and sitting views front and profile).  I would be careful if all these views are not being shown.

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3D simulator for tummy tuck

I have to say that the 3D simulator is just that.  A good set of before and after photos will give you a fine idea of the surgical goals and reasonable expectations/real results.  The tummy tuck is one of the easiest surgeries to visualize. It does not require the same leap of faith as, for example, a rhinoplasty.  The key is to find a board certified plastic surgeon with whom you are comfortable.

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3D Simulator for Tummy Tuck

Some of the newer 3-dimensional imaging systems have a feature that can simulate body contouring procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction. However, these are just simulations and do not imply actual results. While they are useful, it is also worthwhile to review a plastic surgeon's before and after pictures to see what the "real world" results are like. 

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