Post Eyelid Retraction Surgery - Exercises?

I just had a levator recession for upper eyelid retraction in left eye. Its been 4 weeks, and I finally have symmetry after this being my second surgery. And also had steroid injection for scar tissue, as that was issue with first surgery. So doctor recommended that, and also had eye stitched shut until today. Approx 4 weeks. (1) Should I expect more retraction? How many MM usually after 4 weeks? (2) What exercises can I do to assist the eye healing with current symmetry?

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Post eyelid retraction repair

Hi there, sounds like you have a challenging case. Everyone tends to scar to various degrees after undergoing eyelid surgery, especially those that have eyelid retraction.  I'm not sure if your case is related to thyroid eye disease (Graves disease or Graves ophthalmopathy), but those patients I see with retraction secondary to thyroid eye disease have a difficult case in that lid retraction repair can often result in undercorrection or recurrent retraction (usually from the scarring process that can occur with the thyroid disease that affects the eyelid and deeper structures within the orbit). I don't know if this is the case or not in your situation.  It is unfortunately difficult to tell whether you will retract again and by how much though. Nevertheless, sounds like you are in good care; the most important thing is to continue regular follow up care with your surgeon especially over the first few months to make sure you don't have the same problem again. If the retraction does occur again, repeat steroid injections can be helpful but this should be done judiciously, and eyelid massages can often help as well. 

Hope this helps and good luck.

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Post eyelid retraction surgery

Dear 83944 in Arlington, You pose multiple questions and I wish I could be more helpful to you however due to the extreme complexity of your situation and not being your treating physician I must refer you back to your surgeon. Please go in and see him/her as soon as possible and discuss all of your questions and concerns so you may get some answers and hopefully help give you some peace of mind regarding your recovery process. You are still early in the recovery phase and I would suggest frequent post operative visits during this crucial time. I wish you a quick recovery and my best regards!

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Good questions for your surgeon.

Dear 83944

You have a complex issue.  You are not yet fully through the contraction phase of healing.  Due to the complexity of your situation, it is not appropriate to solicit advice on taking care of this situation form anyone but your surgeon.  Yes it is possible to alter the eyelid position with continued massage at this point but this can also over to the lid position so it needs to be done under supervision.  These questions in this circumstance really must be directed to your surgeon.  If you are not clear on your instructions, please call the office today.

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