Post Chemical Peel Left Crusty Brown Spots (Resemble Burn Marks), is It Normal?

I did a 70% lactic acid peel, left it one for about 8 mins, after few hours, I developed crusty brown spots that look like burn marks, is it normal? If not, how can I treat it?

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Crusting After Chemical Peeling

It is quite common to develop crusting, redness and/or peeling after having a chemical peel, even a lighter one.  It is important that you protect your skin from the sun and only use gentle products while the skin is healing. Stick to a gentle cleanser and a bland, hydrating emollient like aquaphor, especially on the crusted areas.  Do not pick at peeling skin or at the crusted areas. If you have any concerns of the crusting persists, I recommend you follow up with a dermatologist. 

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Post Chemical Peel Reactions

Thank you for your question. High concentration peels can leave discoloration as can laser treatments.  I suggest you visit your board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon and have the skin evaluated.  I would avoid the sun and wear SPF 30 with zinc oxide daily while you are healing.   I hope this helps.

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