Why so many complications? Should I go to new doctor? Why? What's happening? (Photo)

BMX Jan .., Jan 25 a fold in breast turned necrotic & infection with hospitalization & surgery. Feb incision opened up 2 weeks later Surgery to close. Pseudomonas positive bacteria from cultures at that surgery. 2 other episodes of cellulitis and treatment. Finally replace tissue exspanders with implants in June. A week later an abscess ... Drained positive for pseudomonas. Developed a dimple on breast. Same side as abscess but it was drained closer to armpit. Now the dimple us turning black.

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Why so many complications? Should I go to new doctor? Why? What's happening?

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Just answered your other question about a revision that you posted. Sounds like things are more complicated than you mentioned in that posted question. It sounds as though you have ongoing issues with implant infections. These can be very hard to clear and may eventually require removal of the implant. Sometimes the best option is to remove the implant, allow several months for the infection to clear, and then consider placing a new implant or tissue expander in the future. You need to make sure you are seeing a local board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and your goals. Your case is much too complicated to be dealt with on an online message board and no one here can offer you any concrete advice that is going to help you in the long run.Best of luck!

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