Can sleeping on my stomach cause my implant to rupture?

I am 8 months post op with gel implants under the muscle, and have only recently been able to sleep on my stomach only for a little while until it's uncomfortable. A couple weeks ago I woke up from my sleep to a popping felling and in a lot of pain. There hasn't been any physical changes yet and I'm fine now, but should I be worried?

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Sleeping on stomach

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I allow my patients to sleep in whatever position they feel comfortable by 8 months.  Implants are durable, lying on them should not cause a rupture.

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Can sleeping on my stomach cause my implant to rupture?

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Thank you for your question.  The implants would not rupture by sleeping on your stomach.  It is fine to sleep on your stomach with breast implants, however, if it is causing you pain, then obviously you would not want to do it.  I would suggest you discuss your concerns with your doctor if this continues.
If you have any other questions or concerns regarding your recovery you can refer to my Breast Augmentation Planner I have written.  You can download your free copy at

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Your implants are almost certainly fine

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it is extremely hard to rupture your gel implants. They need to be in your body for many, many years or you have to be in a car accident for them to rupture. Certainly things like getting a mammogram will not rupture them since all women get them with their implants and they do fine. Definitely sleeping on your stomach is fine. Remember too, that the implants don't get stronger the longer they are in your body. I have operated on many athletic women, include martial artists, so you can definitely live a very active physical life and should not worry about your implants. david berman md

Sleeping on stomach causing a rupture of implants ?

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Breast implants are amazingly durable. In my career I have only seen breast implant rupture in three situations: a car wreck with direct trauma to the chest, rupture during a mammogram, or rupture over many years due to folds in the implant causing repetitive trauma  Sleeping on your stomach will not rupture implants . The pain you are experiencing may be a tear or a stretching of the capsule or pushing on a nerve. Your best option is to go back to your plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns with him. He can then examine you and help you to get over your symptoms 

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