After botox I accidentally bent over to plug in a fan and pick up my toddler. Is this ok?

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Can I bend down after Botox?

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The risk with certain activities after Botox is the the medication can spread away from its intended target muscle. The risk of this happening is incredibly low, even from bending over right after the injection.

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Bending over after Botox

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Hello Kristi t,

I would not worry at all about that.  As a precaution after Botox injection I tell my patients to avoid bending over or lying down for 4 hours and no exercise for that day.  The idea behind this is I don't want the Botox to spread from the area injected.  Increasing blood flow to the face by doing these activities can allow the Botox to spread a little bit which could mean the difference between a great result or a droopy eyelid or eyebrow.  Having done a single event I would not really be worried and the recommendations are more out of an abundance of caution. 

I hope this helps and good luck.  

Nothing to be concerned about

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Fortunately, you do not need to be worried. No harm will come to you following your Botox treatment if you bent over. The Botox is absorbed very rapidly and should not migrate if you bend over later in the day.


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Thanks for your question. You should be fine. 

All the best,

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Appropriate precautions after treatment with Botox

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Not to worry, you will have not caused any harm to the final results of your Botox.  Botox is very rapidly taken up, and simply bending over will not cause it to migrate.  

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Thank you for the question and sharing your  concerns.  It is unlikely this will impact your Botox treatment, so try not to worry!  .

"This answer has been solicited without seeing this patient and cannot be held as true medical advice, but only opinion. Seek in-person treatment with a trained medical professional for appropriate care."

Botox question: Don't worry - you'll be fine!

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Dear Kristi, Don't worry - you'll be fine! Although it was previously recommended not to lie down after Botox, there is no evidence that even this causes problems - let alone just bending down to pick up your child. A new global publication on Botox is coming out soon, with recommendations from top experts from throughout the world. You'll be glad to know that in this publication, for which I am the first author, all the experts concluded that there is no basis for post-Botox instructions such as not lying down or avoiding air travel. Hope this helps! Kind regards, Dr. Hema

Hema Sundaram, MD
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Post Botox Care

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There are no restrictions to botox injections after treatment.  I have found it makes no difference either way.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Post-Botox care

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In reality, it is either OK or its not. There is nothing you can do about it at this point but it is very low likelihood that you will have any problems. If you do, let your doctor know.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
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No worries

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You will be perfectly fine.  Some physicians instruct their patients not to bend over or lay flat among other things after Botox treatments.  These instructions make no sense and there is really no scientific literature to back these recommendations up.

Best of  Luck,

Cody Koch 

Cody A. Koch, MD, PhD
Des Moines Facial Plastic Surgeon

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