Can Porcelain Veneers Make Small Teeth Look Larger?

What cosmetic dentistry technique is most effective in correcting small teeth?

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Veneers can do this ...

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Teeth can look small for many reasons.  It is difficult to answer the question without seeing your teeth and knowing how they appear too small.

If they look too short, it could be that the gum line is too low and more tooth needs to be exposed.  I have a patient who wanted veneers, but her gum line needed to be lifted for the proper proportion of her teeth to show.  After the gum procedure was done she was so happy with the appearance that she did not have to place veneers.

Short teeth can also be the result of grinding.  Some people who are agressive tooth grinders have worn their teeth down into little "nubs".  To make these teeth look longer requires a much more complex treatment that would involve changing the bite and creating room to make the teeth taller.  This involves the back teeth as well as the front teeth and is usually in the form of a Full Mouth Reconstruction.

If your teeth look too narrow, do you have spaces between them?  If so, veneers can make the teeth look wider.

If there is no space between the teeth you might have to have orthodontic treatment to create space between the teeth so there is room to widen the teeth with veneers.

As you can see, there may be more than one solution to your problem.  In order to know exactly what can be done it would be good for you to seek the help of an experienced cosmetic dentist.  I would start with your own dentist and ask some questions.  Your dentist might just be the person you are looking for to help you solve your problem.

Toronto Dentist

Smile Design

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Veneers are a great way to change the size, color, shape and width of your teeth and smile. Everything should be proportionate and work with the aesthetics of your face and features. When we take photos and impressions and send them to the lab we can get "wax-ups" and you can actually do a trial smile before you start your procedure. There are many checkpoints along the way, along within when you are wearing temporaries to ensure that your teeth look great and are the right size for your face. Best of luck to you!

Small teeth

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Teeth can be small for a number of reasons. The teeth may be too short, to narrow or too much gum tissue may be visible. 

Veneers can make teeth look larger from side to side (width), and they can also make your teeth look longer towards the chewing surface if your bite allows increased length. If they need to be made longer towards the gums then crown lengthening / gum lift / smile lift would be recommended to raise the gum level. This would also make your teeth look larger.

Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist

Veneers for small teeth

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Yes, you can design veneers to look larger than your existing teeth. It is generally advised to take study models of your teeth and perform a waxup of your teeth, made to look larger, so that the proportions can be properly analyzed and to make sure that they will be appropriate in terms of function. But yes, you can definitely make them look bigger than your existing ones.

Anjali Rajpal, DMD
Beverly Hills Dentist

Can Porcelain Veneers Make my Small Teeth Look Larger?

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Ok so the question is can porcelain veneers make my small teeth look bigger…absolutely. Porcelain veneers are a wonderful option for that because we can change shape, we can change size, we can change contours and colors and can make smiles appear whiter. Certainly thorough evaluation is necessary to determine the expectations and make sure that can be matched but definitely porcelain veneers are great option for that.

Amanda Canto, DDS
Houston Dentist

My teeth are too small for my face

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When the teeth do not match the dimensions of the mouth or face, then it is time to get some veneers.

In some cases there are gaps present between the small teeth and these teeth can be moved closer to close the gaps and then they don't look so small and isolated.

In most cases a good cosmetic dentist can create a mock up of your new veneers before you commit.

You may even get to try on the mock up at the surgery.

Invisalign or veneers should be fine.

Making teeth larger to fit your smile

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Many cosmetic dentists and plastic surgeons understand that facial symmetry and proper proportionality lead to ideal esthetics.  Making your teeth the right size for your face will greatly enhance your smile.  Whether your teeth have been worn done from tooth grinding or you were just born with smaller teeth, porcelain veneers can add contour to create the proper proportions.

Changing the sizes of teeth can affect your bite significantly and careful planning on the part of the dentist is required.

James Fondriest, DDS
Lake Forest Dentist

Making Teeth Look Larger With Veneers

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Teeth can be lengthened in two ways.  Veneers can be made to lengthen the tooth as long as your bite will allow the added length.  If you have a gummy smile, a laser can remove excess tissue at the gum line exposoing more tooth structure and make the teeth longer.  The combination of the two procedures is quite common.  Veneers can increase width of the teeth if space exits.  The overall goal is to achieve a proper ratio of the length to the width that is natural and pleasing in appearance.  Having a wax up done on a model or a mock up in the mouth with composite resin will help you and your dentist determine if the procedures will accomplish your goals prior to something irreversible being done.

Veneers Can Absolutely Make Your Teeth Look Larger

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Veneers can absolutely make your teeth look larger. But before you decide on this procedure, you need to sit down with your dentist and discuss all your dental options that would give you the smile you want.  Porcelain veneers is just one way of making your teeth larger and depending on your smile, you would need to probably have at least foiur upper and four lower done. There are other possibilites such as decreasing the amount of gum ( gingivectomy) that makes the teeth look shorter. After gum surgery, the teeth look much longer and many patients are very happy with that procedure and require nothing more.  Dental bonding, which is very inexpensive and not very durable in the long run, can accomplish the same thing. There are also no prep veneers that work well and regular veneers that require some reductiion in the tooth's surface.  The dentist should look for bite issues to make sure you are not wearing your teeth down. If this is not corrected in the begining, you will have the same problem with the veneers. I would suggest you talk to your dentist regarding which procedure he feels will give you the smile you want and also how much you are willing to pay for the smile...dentistry is expensive and you should be presented with different proccedures with different prices that will give you what you want and can afford.

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Veneers can elongate your teeth

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Simple answer is YES. Can every one get longer teeth with veneers ? NO . If the teeth have been worn out by time, age, usually there is a bite issue involved and unless that issue is resolved, making teeth longer with veneers is not a good idea, because it will quickly break or pop off.  You need to go to a qualified, reconstructive dentist whose  majority of practice is rebuilding the bite and cosmetics in order to achieve what you want.  I have redone many "cosmetic veneers" for  many patients. They fail if the bite is not considered.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

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