Porcelain Crown for Front Tooth

My dentist is placing a porcelain crown on my front tooth. How long on average do you think this crown will last? How many times will I need to replace it if I am only 23? Which type of porcelain crown is the strongest?

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How Long Should it Last or Will it last?

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Saying a crown should last X amount of years is a misnomer and inacurate. Things only last as long as you take care of them. If you are getting a FRONT crown replaced and are 23 consider this

1) Make sure it is all Porcelain NO METAL because as you get older your gumline wil change and if it is metal the  grey line will show through. Look into EMpress or Emax depending on strength

2) understand that replacing ONE crown in the front of your mouth is the hardest thing one can do. This may be a good time to bleach your teeth and think about a smile redesign with as little as four teeth.  If you do decide that to only do one tooth. Insist on CUSTOM SHADING and a visit to the lab. Make sure your dentist takes lots of photos. If he/she did not suggest any of this look elsewhere. 

3) Make sure your gumline is even or your crown will stick out like a sore thumb,


Porcelain Crown Lifespan

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There is no lifespan for a well prepared porcelain crown. The problems with most crowns as to why they fail is the homecare. Most people are too rough on their teeth by chewing ice and hard things. A crown can last for years if taken care of.

Phillip Kemp, DDS
Brentwood Dentist

Porcelain Crown for Front Tooth

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Placing a single crown on a front tooth of patient is one of the more challenging procedures for a dentist.  You want to make sure that you select  a skilled cosmetic dentist who works with an experienced cosmetic dental lab.   There is nothing more disappointing for both the patient and the dentist to see a crown that does not match in the smile zone.  There are many choices of materials to select from when doing an all porcelain crown.  One of the most recent porcelains is e.max.  e.max has  provided us with the greatest strength in porcelain, but allows us to provide an aesthetically pleasing result.  You need to consult with you dentist as this may not be the best choice of material for your particular case.  As far as longevity, that will vary greatly depending on many factors.  Home care, frequency of preventative care visits, your bite, caries rate, etc just to name a few.  You generally should expect a minimum of 5 years for a well paced crown on average. 

Randy Bryson, DMD
Las Vegas Dentist

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Longevity of porcelain crown on front tooth

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Porcelain crowns on average can last more than 10 to even 15yrs. If there is a concern wrt longevity from trauma such as grinding or clenching a special night guard can be made to protect the bite. Regular recare visits should be in place to prevent other factors that might compromise the crown such as loss of cement, wear etc ....and protect your smile.

Sandra M. Low, DMD
New York Dentist

Which Type of Porcelain Crown is Best for a Front Tooth?

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The answer to what type of crown is the strongest is a combination of things:

  • What your bite alignment is like?
  • Do you clench or grind your teeth?
  • How far off is the color from the adjacent tooth?
  • How well do you clean your teeth and stay on a regular prevention program?
  • How skilled the porcelain lab is with each of these different materials?

A front crown can last many years, often from five to twenty or possibly beyond. It will not last your entire life, you will certainly have to replace it later at some point. 

I see a lot of patients who are concerned about certain brands of materials or crowns in cosmetic dentistry. While a certain brand can have good qualities, I find far more often the best results come from close communication and coordination between the cosmetic dentist and the ceramist. Some ceramists are very skilled with one material and may have very little experience with another.

Good questions- your local cosmetic dentist should be able to answer them clearly and confidently for you, Dr. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS.

Longevity of porcelain crowns

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Lots of good questions here.

Mileage varies from person to person, so predicting how long a crown will last is difficult.  Variables include brushing habits, diet, athletic efforts and many more.  Normally, we suggest that a crown will last somewhere between 5 and 20 years, often much more.  It would not be unusual to predict that you will replace this crown 2-3 times in your life, yet maybe never again.

While there are many brands of porcelain, they are almost all very good.  My preference right now is eMax by Ivoclar Vivadent, but Lava by 3M and Procera by Nobel Biocare are great options as well.  The list of choices is very long, though, so whatever your dentist suggests is likely a great option for you.

Crown at age 23

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The most esthetic crown currently is the Emax all porcelain crown. When it is bonded and cemented to your tooth it is very strong. I have to tell you that any crown (except gold) can fracture. The habits that we have that break our natural teeth can also break crowns. There is always some risk in anything we do in life. Having said that if you carefully clean your teeth and watch how you eat with it then it can last a very long time. On average, these types of crowns can last up to 15 years or longer. At your young age you can expect to replace it 3-4  times if you live to 85. Hope this helps.

The longevity is in your control!

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If you have a crown that is made and fits properly (sealed margins) then I have seen patients that come in with them 20-30 years later.  The only way a crown can fail is if 1. The tooth under the crown breaks or if the gums recede.  Proper home care is key to having your crown for a long time.  Besides proper home care which your dental team should review with you when you get a crown routine cleanings at your dental office is imperative.  We recommend our patients come a minimum of 3-4 times a year and not let insurance guidelines dictate the frequency of cleanings.   If you have routine dental care then your crowns can last a lifetime!

Carolina Steier, DMD
Boca Raton Dentist

Longevity, aesthetics, and it's tradeoffs

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It is always a very difficult question to answer when a patient asks "How long will a crown last?" because there are so many factors that go into that answer. A well prepped, fabricated, and cemented crown can last well over 20 years. At this point in my career, I have patients with crowns in their mouths that I placed in the late 1990's, and they have had no problems. The strongest (non metal, ie gold) crown would be a full zirconia crown. Many laboratories can fabricate beautiful full zirconia crowns, that are incredibly strong, and almost impossible to fracture, but there is a tradeoff. Your biggest tradeoff is aesthetics. Zirconia crowns tend to be opaque, and do not transmit light as well as a natural tooth, or other porcelain/ceramic materials. It also does not have the same bond strength to the tooth as other materials. I personally would not place a zirconia crown on a front tooth unless you are a severe bruxer (grinder). I prefer to use vita porcelain or empress porcelain on front teeth, and do them every day on my patients. You will get excellent aesthetics, with very natural looking results, but it is a little bit weaker than zirconia. In the end, if you are not a grinder, and don't open things with your teeth/bite your nails, I would recommend the vita/empress all porcelain (ceramic) crown. If you would like some extra insurance on the longevity of your crown, ask your dentist to make you a hard acrylic nightguard. There is no reason a properly done crown should not last you 20+ years. Best of luck...

Edward A. Alvarez, DDS
Manhattan Dentist

Front Tooth Porcelain Crown Longevity

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I get asked this question daily and the answer depends on several factors. Your occlusion (your bite) is very important in the longevity of any restoration. If your opposing tooth hits your crown too hard when you close down you risk fracturing it. If you are a grinder you will need a night guard to protect the crown. Is your hygiene good? Do you get your teeth cleaned regularly? Follow the instruction of your dentist and your crown should last for many years. Finally, if you are having a dental crown done on a front tooth makes sure it is all porcelain/ceramic. Ask your dentist if he uses Emax crowns. These are the strongest, most aesthetic crowns available. Hope this helps.

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