How to Plump Face to Look Younger?

I had a rhinoplasty a couple of years ago. For about a year afterward, my face was swollen. My skin looked tighter and younger. Friends and family thought I looked ten years younger. What causes this? Did the tissues of my skin swell? Is there a way to reproduce this effect without going through surgery?

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Volume loss

It sounds like the swelling caused by your rhinoplasty filled out the volume loss you've experienced with age. You can have this again with fillers, which can also replace volume loss.

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Sculptra to Restore Youthful Fullness to the Face

Hi Kellyr in Calrfornia,

Volume in the face is the key to youthfulness. Sculptra is an excellent filler to restore volume to the face in a natural manner. What is most important is choosing the proper injecting physician to give you the best aesthetic result.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Restore volume to look younger

With ageing, we lose certain volumes in our face as pockets of fats become smaller and migrate south, thanks to gravity, causing us to lose the youthful facial configuration characterised by high cheek "bones" and prominence.
I guess what happened after your surgery corrected some of that.

In addition, our skin also changes with time, loosing elasticity, giving rise to laxity and wrinkles.

To reverse some these effects of ageing, the treatment plan would consist of restoring lost facial volumes (mid-face/cheeks, temples, chin/jawline) with filters or fats. If skin laxity is not severe, then good results can be achieved without surgery, but the effect would be incomplete if the complexion is not rejuvenated as well. 

Skin rejuvenation should include retinol skin care and robust sun protecting, with our without add on treatments like laser and light therapies.

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Plumping Your Face to look Younger

These days, there are so many options for dermal fillers that can add volume to your face and help you look younger. Some surgeons use a combination of injectables and fillers and call it a “liquid facelift.” Since every patient responds differently, you might have to experiment a little to see which works best for you. The beauty of fillers is that they’re only temporary, so if one wears off a little faster than you’d like, you can try a different product on the next round. Fillers can be used to fill in nasolabial lines and deeper wrinkles or facial scars. Some fillers can be used to enhance the cheeks, or facial implants can be used for a permanent solution.

Plumping Your Face to look Younger

Plumping your face to look younger can be accomplished with a few different types of fillers.  Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Scupltra, amoung others can all fill the cheeks, temples, nasolabial folds to plump up the skin.  This plumping generally makes you look much younger.  As we age, we tend to lose collagen from the deeper dermis in the skin.  That is why when we inject a filler, you look rejuvenated and younger.

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Plumping Your Face With Fillers for Volume

The older concept that “tighter is better” has been replaced by recognizing the importance of volume distribution as a defining characteristic of a more youthful face. Restoration of volume in the upper face can lessen or reverse the bottom-heavy, deflated appearance of the aging face. Sculptra has given physicians and patients a new dimension in facial contouring by revolumizing the aging face through a minimally invasive approach. Sculptra injections are well-tolerated by patients. They have a low incidence of side effects and result in high patient satisfaction. Volume replacement is now the most widely used nonsurgical cosmetic treatment for the correction of contour deficiencies and wrinkles of the face without the risk, recovery time, and expense of major surgery.

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Sculptra is your answer

Sculptra is the best way to re-volumize your face - it basically adds the volume back that you have lost with age.  For optimal results you will need a few treatments.  Most doctors charge around $1,000 per vial and you will probably need 1-3 vials.  Be sure to visit an expert injector as Sculptra cannot be removed once it is injected.

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Sculptra for a fuller, more youthful face

The happy benefits of the swelling you experienced after surgery can be replicated (to some extent) with Sculptra.  Unlike traditional facial fillers, Sculptra can be used for overall facial volumization.  It helps the skin to also have a thicker, more radiant appearance as well. Our patients have been very happy with results primarily because they don't look 'filled' but have been restored to the look they had a number of years ago.


Dr. Grant Stevens          

Grant Stevens, MD
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Facial Volume Can Be Added With Different Types of Injectable Fillers

The protracted but temporary swelling that you experienced from your rhinoplasty demonstrated the effects of increased facial volume. Rerproducing that effect requires some form of an injectable filler. Most will likely recommend Scultpra as its large water make-up makes it easier to inject and get a more even facial distribution. The other option would be fat injections using your own natural filler. The longevity of both of these facial filler types will likely require multiple injection sessions.

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Facial aging

As we age we do loose fat from the face, supporting structures loosen, skin gets thint with the skin, subcutaneous fat .To reverse the aging of the face one has to analyse the many aspects of the aging process particular to you and draww a plan of facial rejuvenation.

Start with the skin, fat and loose structures. You may only need fat injection to the face to restore and rejuvenate the face. You may need skin tightening or deeper structures tightening. Or a combination of the above

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