Please Help I Did Upper Lip Reduction but It is Too Thin and Ugly Shape? (photo)

I have had Surgery to make my lips thinner and am not Happy with the Results. I would like to have a Slightly thicker middle, upper lip which will cover my teeth when my mouth is closed. I Would like to add more flesh to the area which was removed ( the area is indicated in the enclosed picture )and I would like to have permanent result. Is it Possible? Is there away in which if is Possible to achieve the above mentioned? If So, What would be involved? picture before and after

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Adding volume to post lip reduction lips

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If you have had a lip reduction surgery and feel that your result may have over shot your expectations, there are options; however, I would suggest waiting at least six months post the lip reduction before considering any revision.  Although there are permanent options such as free fat or fascia transfers to the lips, I would first try a non-surgical, temporary option with an injectable filler such as hyaluronic acid (Restylane).  This procedure would be less invasive and less expensive and would give you a good idea if you would be happy with the more permanent surgical options.       

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Thin lip from reduction

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Lip reduction induces scar tissue in the lip. Any more surgery to make lips big again will be  risky. You are better off with getting a Hyaluronic Acid like Juvederm or Restylane to build up the lip. It is not a permanent solution but is the safest. 



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