Lips Still Slightly Swollen 10 Months After Lip Reduction, How Long Until Completely Healed?

Hello I had lip reduction done on both lips nearly 10 months ago. They have slowly healed quite a bit over the 10 months, however, they are both still a bit swollen. Can it take over a year for my lips to completely heal? and, Are there anyways to induce faster healing?

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Chronic Lip Swelling after Lip Reduction

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Operations done on the full length of the lip such as VY advancement of the lip lining forward to increase the amount of "pink show" or lip reduction to reduce lip bulk interfere with the lymphatic drainage of lips and often result in prolonged swelling that may lat a year or more. By 12 months you may be looking at the end result and need to accept it or discuss your options with your Plastic surgeon. 

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Swelling after lip reduction

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Since it has been over 10 months, your lips may be close to the size they will be.  You might wait until a year, and then if too big, consider a repeat reduction.  It is better to err on the full side with a lip reduction.

Connie Hiers, MD
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Lips at 10 months after reduction

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The strong liklihood is that after 10 months what you see is what you've got and that the healing is essentiallu complete.  Give it a full year but if they are still too big, a second reduction might be in order.

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