What to Do Now After a Botched Lip Reduction? (photo)

had lip reduction procedure 1 year ago on top and bottom lips to remove silicone injections there. doctor placed incisions high up inside my lips, close to gums, rather than placing it where most doctors do on the wet and dry portion of inside vermillion. Now the philtrum and above mentolabial sulcus is swollen and protruding, analogous to mouth of an ape or camel. What can i do now? will steroids help? 5fu? im so depressed from this i cant eat, sleep, embarrassed to be in public, Please HElP!

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Revision of lip reduction after silicone injections - Los Angeles

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It is possible to revise the lip revision in some cases but an examination is necessary to determine your candidacy for surgery. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

Swollen lips after reduction

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Brennaw,  I'm sorry to hear of your concerns but you should be able to discuss this further with your surgeon.  If you are unable to, please see another surgeon for a second opinion.  There are always options for managing less than desirable outcomes so please don't give up on achieving something more to your liking.

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