Do any plastic surgeons ever do pro bono or charity work?? If so, how does one of about achieving it?

Is it possible to get a mommy makeover done pro bono?? Do ANY plastic surgeons do "scholarships" or "charity"??? I ask because as a single mom of 2 I just don't see how I will ever afford it, and I can honestly say there is NOTHING in this world I want more for myself. My oldest daughters autism therapies are where all my money goes too, so affording plastic surgery is nearly impossible..I've tried to apply for a 'care credit card' but don't have the neccasary requirements

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Cosmetic charity work

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Quite a few plastic surgeons perform charity work. But I have never heard of any doing so for cosmetic patients. Most plastic surgeons donate their time and resources helping with reconstructive procedures such as cleft lip/palate, burn injuries, congenital deformities, and disaster relief, to name a few. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford cosmetic surgery. You are still quite young and able to save. I would encourage you to start saving now for the things that you want to have later.

Mommy makeover

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I am sorry you are in a tough situation.  Unfortunately costs of surgery such as implants, facility fees, anesthesia costs are not under the surgeon's control so there would be some cost associated. I would recommend that you see if there is an accredited Plastic and Reconstructive residency program in your area. They often have a resident cosmetic clinic where the procedure costs are drastically reduced. The plastic surgery residents do your surgery with the supervision of a board certified plastic surgeon. I hope that helps good luck.

Free cosmetic surgery

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A plastic surgery residency program near you may offer discounted surgery.
You will still be responsible for hospital and other fees.
You should not consider surgery if you do not have health insurance, in case of complications.
Some plastic surgeons do charity reconstructive work for deformed children, others for abused women.
I know of none who do free cosmetic surgery.
While you wait for your life to improve so you can afford such surgery, concentrate on looking after yourself in other ways - exercise, diet and a network of supportive friends. 

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Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately you might not find any surgeons that do these types of PS's. It really is pricy to perfect a patients body.

Best wishes,
Dr. Campos

Do any plastic surgeons ever do pro bono or charity work?? If so, how does one of about achieving it?

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Thank you for the question. What patients may not realize is how much “overhead” is associated with performing good quality and safe elective plastic surgery. In other words, there are significant expenses, outside of surgeons fees, associated with these types of operations. Therefore, it will be unlikely that “pro bono” elective plastic surgery will be available to you. Best wishes.

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