Do Plastic Inserts for the Nose Work?

I've done the non-surgical nose job with Radiesse to correct a Rhinoplasty surgery I had a few years ago. I'm now thinking of using Nose secret (plastic inserts) because of the costs. Do they work at all? Are they dangerous to use?

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Did the Radiesse work well?

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Did you like the results of the Radiesse?

For my patients, if they like the result of Radiesse for a non-surgical nose job, I often suggest they consider using Artefill--a permanent filler--to avoid the repeat injections and their associated expense. By three years out, they're typically cost-equivalent, but the Artefill is still there while the Radiesse has dissolved away.

As for the "Nose Secret," it really is limited in what it can do, and I'd be concerned about nasal obstruction and irritation. I have no direct experience with that product, however.

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Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nose Secret plastic inserts for the nose

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According to THEIR website : "The Nose Secret corrector consists of a pair of smooth and comfortable splints that are temporarily placed in the nostrils to gently lift the tip of the nose resulting in a narrower and straighter look that enhances your facial features. Since the product is not visible when in place, nobody can tell you are using them. nIts anatomic form and flexible material allow easy adjustment without discomfort. The best part is that you can put them on and take them off whenever you want. "

I have NO experience with it and do not understand just how 3 standard sizes can be a fix for the thousands of different nose shapes out there. The discomfort of partially obstructing my airways with a piece of plastic that could be breathed in, may result in undue pressure along the front, back and top of the arch would be sufficient for me not to use this device.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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