Plastic Crown, Porcelain or Extraction (Root Canal)?

Hi i am a 28 years old lady. I just had my root canal therapy last May 2010 without a crown. It was my third tooth from the right starting from the back. Because of the guava i ate and the years my root canal have been made my tooth crack. Now the doctor told me that i have only two solutions for this. Either porcelain or plastic crown. I am kind of hesitant to get both solution cos my tooth is no longer strong and it cost a lot too. So im planning on extraction. Is a good choice though?

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Root canal teeth get brittle so consider a porcelain crown

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Root canal teeth can crack or break.  That is why we recommend a crown over the treated tooth to prevent problems.  However, there can still be problems like further breaking and root fractures,etc.  If you remove a tooth and want to replace it, the options can be expensive.  Get a consultation with a good general dentist to review what is your best choice.  You are right, the tooth is not as strong as it once was but that doesn't mean you must pull it-Much success!

Bellevue Dentist

Extract or not extract?

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If you never plan on replacing this missing tooth it is a less expensive option. However if you plan on replacing the missing tooth it would be less expensive to place a crown and I suggest porcelain over plastic it will last longer and look better good luck.


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD     CEO Baystate Dental PC.

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

Crown or Extraction

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Root canal treated teeth are weaker and more fragile. However, if your dentist said he could place a crown (either Porcelain or Plastic) on the tooth, I am assuming that the crack has not gotten to the root and the tooth can be saved.

Alternate option of extraction may sound cheaper for now, but it could cost you more in a long run. Tooth replacement (Bridge or and Implant) can be more costly and more involving procedure then a crown, which can be more conservative.

My suggestion is to get a crown if you can. Seek a second opinion if not sure prior to deciding to extract.

Hema Patel, DDS
Fremont Dentist

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