I Plan to Have a TT in the Next 3 Mos. What Questions Should I Ask Plastic Surgeons During the Consultations?

I Plan to Have a TT in the Next 3 Mos. What Questions Should I Ask Plastic Surgeons During the Consultations? If I ask "will drains be used after surgery". What answer am I looking? What do I want? Thanks again. :)

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Questions to Asks Regarding a Tummy Tuck

The questions you should ask are the
questions you should ask with any cosmetic procedure. I recommend going into a consultation with a
list of questions that you would want answered and if they not addressed in the
consultation then you should ask them.A
good consultation will answer most if not all of those questions.

In general, you should ask about complications
including bleeding, blood clots, infection, wound healing, scarring and
numbness.Ask about the results that you
can expect. In addition, ask about your recovery and if they use drains.The NO Drain, rapid recovery technique will
help you get going a lot faster and reduce many of the complications that are
involved with a tummy tuck.

I have added a web link for you that
may help as it has a video that explains rapid recovery.  I have also added a tummy tuck testimonial video for you here as well.
I hope that helps.

Best regards.

Kirkland Plastic Surgeon
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Finding the best tummy tuck surgeon for you

Finding the ideal surgeon can be confusing. I have pout together a questionnaire (link below) that could help. As you look at photos, avoid plastic surgeons who leave patients with scars around the belly button, or who don't have a lot of pjotos to view. 

Michael Law, MD
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Questions to Ask Prior to Tummy Tuck Surgery


2. Does he or she operate in a proper accredited facility?

3. Do they require an overnight stay? I require it in my practice because the first night may be a little challenging as far as eating, going to the bathroom etc...

4. Will drains be used after surgery?


Those are a few questions that will help educate you more about the practice and surgeon.

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Planning Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Thank you for your question.

All of these are great questions.  The board certification of the surgeon as well as where the surgery is performed are probably 2 of the most important questions you can ask.  Ask to see many examples of the surgeon's work and ask to speak with other patients who have had this procedure performed.

The consultation should walk you through the process and questions may arise as the office staff / surgeon are reviewing the surgery with you.

Good Luck!

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Questions to ask during Tummy Tuck Consultation

Dear Raginrican,


As a candidate for Tummy Tuck, I am sure that you have done your homework researching and reading about the procedure.


During the consultation, a board certified plastic surgeon of ample experience will guide you well to make an informed decision. Often patients find themselves asking the right questions during consultations without planning in advance.


Nonetheless, I encourage any plastic surgery candidate to consider the following advises:

1. Make sure to get the special accommodations required for after the surgery ready before the due date.

2. Disclose all medical information with your surgeons; hiding even the insignificant ones could complicate the surgery and increase the risks of the surgery.

3. Ask about the post-surgical ambulation and nutrition requirements to optimize the healing hence the results

4. Make sure that surgical center where you will have your operation is fully accredited.

5. Note the time required for you to resume your normal daily activities and share future plans with your surgeon (like having children).


Thank you for your questions.

Dr. Sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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Questions to ask your plastic surgeon about tummy tuck surgery

Asking about board certification by the ABPS is important, but you should be able to determine that information before your consultation. I would want to know about the accreditation of the operating facility as others have suggested. Ask about the surgeon's policy for dealing with complications. If he/she says complications don't happen, he/she is not being straightforward with you. Ask about DVT prophylaxis. I rarely use Lovenox in my practice, but do think that it should be discussed. Ask about drains. I spent the first 9 years of operating using drains with great results, but have been as equally effective without drains in the last year. I think that most patients are completely safe to go home immediately after an abdominoplasty, but other surgeons have a different opinion. It would be nice to know where you will be recovering. Ask to see before and after photos. Ask to be able to talk with several recent patients about the procedure and their experience with the practice. These are just a few thoughts to consider. 

Wm. Todd Stoeckel, MD
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Questions before a Tummy Tuck

Here are some questions that you should ask before having tummy tuck surgery:

1. Is the doctor board certified in PLASTIC SURGERY?

2. Where is the procedure done at and will you spend the night or go home the same day?

3. As the patient, do I want to have any more children?

4. Are you a good candidate for surgery? i.e. At a comfortable weight, healthy and have the proper help at home to recover.

5. How long would you need off from work?

6. Will you acheive resonable results that you desire?


These are just a few question to begin with at your consultations. I recommend visiting with a few doctors before making your final decision. Good luck!


Leo Lapuerta, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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What Questions to ask your PS before a TT?

1. Are you a board certified PS?

2. How many do you do a year?

3. How many drains/do you use drains?

4. Do you have any pictures or #s of previous patients?

Make sure you click with your PS and feel comfortable with him! Good luck

Jonathan Weiler, MD
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TT is a wonderful operation with wonderfull results/ la cirugia de TT es una operacion maravillosa con resultados maravillosos

ask to your surgeon: 1.-how long would i stay into the hospital, 2.- how long should i require to get along with my normal life 3.-what kind of lab tests should i requiere 4.-what ammount of ferrum orally should i ingest every day for preparation 5.- how much overweight is it the maximum to be acccepeted 6.- should i have venous varices 7.- should i  have any anti pregnant treatmernt.

preguntale a tu cirujano  cuantos dias  necesitarias estar en el hospital, cuantos dias hasta tu recuperacion completa,que clase de  analisis  deberia de tener ,que cantidad  de hierro oral deberia ingerir como preparacion,cuanto es el limite  maximo de sobrepeso que deberia de tener ,que pasa si tengo varices en las piernas, que pasa si estoy bajo tratamiento anticonceptivo

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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Questions for tummy tuck / abdominalplasty consultation

In addition to the above mentioned questions, i would add the following:


1. dvt prophylaxis- how is it performed? 

2. Is liposuction added to the procedure?

3. Is a fascial plication planned?

4. If it is a larger tummy tuck- is there also a pubic lift included


Bet of luck!!

Bianca Knoll, MD
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